Hi gang, I thought you might appreciate an update regarding the Adirondacks.

No one, including public officials, can predict the state of the virus by June. Some say it will pass by then due to warm weather, others say it could last longer. No one knows.

For now, we plan to hold the invitational in the Adirondacks as planned. And we will make sure the school does an extensive cleaning and disinfecting everything.

In the meantime, we will meet with them and explore alternative dates for the summer should we be forced to cancel.

You should know that we will not do anything that will put you at risk. If there is a hint of a problem by then, we will reschedule.

In any case, please wait this out before making decisions. We will stand behind all registrations and give full credit in the event you decide, a couple of weeks before the event, you don’t feel comfortable.

– Eric Rhoads